Aromatherapy Quartz Spa Body Treatments

Quartz spa treatment rituals have been designed to take into consideration the mind, body and spirit – rebalancing and restoring you both inside and out.

Each one has been specially designed to work with your mood or goals, supporting you physicallyand emotionally to feel uplifted and revitalised.

Our unique Quartz Spa blends and the use of master healer Quartz Crystals enables a bespoke treatment ritual tailored to each guests individual needs. The choice of blend and Quartz Spa placement during the treatment is selected in response to the detailed consultation, lifestyle questionnaire and the guests desired goals.

Luxe Lifestyle Ritual (105 mins)

Need Indulgence & healing? Your body will be exfoliated, moisturised, wrapped in a heated blanket and then given a full body massage. Master healing crystals heal and recharge you on a physical & emotional level, making this a truly holistic treatment inside and out.

Crystal Massage (60 mins)

Need Nurturing? Enjoy a full body massage leaving you rested and relaxed.

Back Realign & Rebalance (45 mins)

Short on time? This classic Back, Neck and Shoulder massage will relieve your tension and realign & rebalance your back.

Head, Neck and Shoulder (30 mins)

Wonderfully relaxing upper body treatment incorporating pressure points to release tension.

Detox Wrap (50 mins)

Release toxins, de-stress the mind and reinvigorate and hydrate the body, whilst helping with slimming and reducing cellulite.

Scrub (45 mins)

Feeling dry & sluggish? Your whole body will be exfoliated and moisturised, leaving it soft & silky.

Relaxing Mum To Be (60 mins)

Perfect for your tired body, to help it relax and cope with all the ‘growing’ going on inside! (Please note that treatments can only be carried out after the first trimester of pregnancy).