We have lots of hair and beauty services for children; we feel that they are important little citizens in our world who also sometimes need a moment out of their hectic schedules.

Hair Cuts

Generally we’ll do a quick trim of a new baby’s fringe at the same time as Mummy’s (or daddy’s) visit for no extra price.

Little toddlers or babies, with just a little bit of tidying to do are only £10.

Our ‘Quick Trim Cuts’ for children means we’ll do them a quick trim without a wash and blow dry. They are FREE on Monday if Mummy has a Hair/Beauty/Spa service too (they don’t have to be consecutive). They are not available on Saturdays.

A Children’s ‘Cut and Finish’ means the full works or a restyle; Maybe it’s time to go from long to short hair or a bob to a pixie cut – maybe you have a little princess who likes their hair washed and blow dried? (Who can blame them when it’s such a treat?!). Perhaps your son would like a really grown up hair cut with it layered all the way down the back?

We also do Children’s Blow Dries, Up do’s and Quick Braids, for those special events (great for mums who haven’t managed the latest trend yet etc!)

Secondary school children up to 16 get 25% off a normal adult price of a haircut.

Students (Sixth form and up) get 15% off the normal adult price of a haircut.

Sometimes when they are struggling to maintain thick or difficult hair, it’s worth bringing your child in to chat to one of our stylists about how to manage it (i.e. encouraging them to wash it when it needs to, and look after it properly).

Generally children’s haircuts are not available with the Master stylists, Directors or Manager.

Stressed Children

Hair cuts can be a stressful thing for a little one, and we totally understand this. If your baby or toddler is nervous, then we are quite happy for you to bring them in over and over, to sit in the waiting area and have a biscuit, until they are more comfortable in the salon. Equally if you have a child with additional needs, bring them over to see us so they can understand what goes on.

Normally a mixture of staff who are great with kids (we have several), along with cute brightly coloured special chairs for them to make them feel special and a hot chocolate or biscuit will seal the deal. Some prefer the Barber’s chair (boys and girls!), as it is basically really COOL!

We also have Cbeebies and Disney music to make them feel more at home (it’s amazing what music can do) or they can borrow our iPads and find their favourite program on YouTube to keep their minds off things.

We have a box of toys, basket of big lego and colouring pens for the more playful (great while they are waiting to take their minds off it) or for siblings waiting for their turn.

We recommend that you wash their hair at home if they tend to be nervous, so that they just have a ‘Quick Trim Cut’ until they are more settled. Also, bringing their favourite snack (raisins etc) can help to keep them occupied and treat them during the hair cut – although sometimes this can mean they can get a little bit of hair in their mouth; if they don’t like this, save the treat until afterwards!

If they get upset during a cut, we’ll just stop. Not a problem at all and no charge to you. It’s much better that they learn to enjoy a hair cut, than are forced.

We have lots of experience with very sick children and those with ADHD or autism. The light and space in our salon can really help children who don’t like enclosed or dark places. Equally, we can turn the music down if this is creating sensory overload with everything else that’s going on. Please do talk to us and we will do everything we can to help any child to feel safe and have an enjoyable experience with us.

Beauty Pampers

Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure

It’s sometimes nice to play at being grown up (within reason of course!). We do a lovely mini-manicure or mini-pedicure (or both) – it’s the perfect treat for a little girl or boy (primary school age and under) who loves being treated. They are just 15 mins each, with a little soak, massage, file and single layer of nail varnish (or two if it’s a light colour).

There is a lovely Mummy and Child Package, where you can both have a treat, some quality time together and cake!

Mini Facial

My little girl loves having her face stroked. So we’ve create a lovely little Mini-facial for the potential pamper queens in our lives. A little cleanse, moisturise and facial massage and they feel truly special in just 15mins!

Hair Chalks

Hair chalk colours wash straight out and are really fun for girls AND boys.

Ear Piercing

We do ear piercing, but only for primary school age children and up, as we would prefer that they know what is coming (more for us, than for any other reason!).


We totally appreciate a little girl can be sensitive to bullying, and so would be very willing to wax their eyebrows or legs. We would never consider intimate waxing (it is done in some salons on 9yr olds!) or spray tans until they were older.


We don’t do any colouring of children in primary school apart from our fun hair chalk colours.

We don’t recommend bleaching a child’s hair until after puberty as their hair is finer and more likely to be damaged, so this is not available under 16yrs of age. Remember, it depends on the child’s hair colour as to wether bleach is required for a colour service.

Children’s immune systems are still growing during puberty and they scalps are more sensitive, so they are more likely to have a reaction to a tint as well. For this reason we don’t recommend a permanent tint under 16yrs of age either.

Semi-permanent or Balayage options are preferable for any child in secondary school as they are easier to maintain. From 16yrs upwards these can include bleach and there are more options, but it would be best to talk to a colour specialist about the maintenance and risks involved first, in a free consultation.

Teenagers Facials

If your teenager is struggling with their skin, then we highly recommend they come in for a Luxe facial mapping consultation; we have a whole range of products, supplements and mineral makeup to help them improve their confidence levels.

If they are stressed, then we recommend the Stress Buster massage (which is fully clothed), healing, or the Quartz Spa head, neck & shoulder massage. For any child under 16, a parent/guardian would need to be in the room with them for any unclothed service, which we do not feel is ideal.

Teenagers Massages

We need written consent from a parent or guardian to do a massage on a teenager. We would prefer to offer the Quartz Spa head & neck & shoulder massage, Stress Buster Massages, Far Infrared or Healing. I’m sure that you understand our concerns as a full body massage normally requires the client to be naked or at least only wearing pants. With a full body massage, we would want a parent in the room with the teenager, which would affect the relaxation involved. Please contact the manager or owner if you feel that you have a special situation.


We can do small parties for little girls or teens (or grown ups!). Choose your favourite ‘Mini’ treatments (nails and facials) or maybe a child’s quick braid. The teens enjoy the short ‘Mini-Miracle’ treatments and30min File and Paints . Add a ‘Fabulous Friends Tea And Cake’ for each child.

You get the Luxe Lounge exclusively for 30mins after your treats (plus of course all the time of the pampers) with tea and cake. Maximum of 6 children or teens (otherwise it would be a little squashed!

Face Painting

Keep your eye on our Facebook page for spontaneous free face painting days for special events or parties!

What would your children like?

Please do let us know if there is anything else that your children would love to see at Espiritu! (Within reason, obviously…)