Cryotherapy is one of the most exciting aesthetic and therapeutic treatments available and is now available every day of the week with our specialists Cryotherapy Hertfordshire!

Totally pain free, non-invasive, without the use of chemicals that have potential side-effects and fast acting, the list of benefits is huge.

And now you can experience these benefits without having to walk into a freezing cold chamber!

Now I know that you are all going to be queuing up for the amazing face lift and inch loss treatments – of course, who wouldn’t!

But remember to tell all your friends with chronic pain illnesses as well, because this can help them amazingly, and they struggle to get help with no side effects.

Plus if you ever injure yourself, book your appointment as fast as possible, so that we can help your body back to homeostasis as quickly as possible; don’t let that injury get it’s hold on your body.

Cryotherapy Benefits

Pain Relief

Pain management/relief – Immediate pain relief, aids and speeds up rehabilitation, reduces inflammation, raises pain threshold levels.

Arthritis Treatment – Do you suffer from aches and pains associated with Arthritis? This is the treatment for you as we treat your body at the chosen area to relieve this pain.

Chest Infection Relief – Reduce inflammation & improve blood flow to help boost the body’s natural healing response.

Headache/Migraine Relief – Numbs painful tissues, reduces muscle spasms & decreases inflammation

Sinus Relief – Reduce the pain and inflammation of sinusitis


Anti-Ageing – Our revolutionary Facial and Face Lift stimulates the production of collagen and to decrease pore size. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, brighten dark spots – a great alternative to botox.

Healing – Cryotherapy can massively reduce and even heal Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne & Psoriasis

Acne – Designed to target Acne, problem prone skin and congestion. This treatment will reduce aggravated skin and leave it rejuvenated.


Body Sculpting – an alternative to liposuction & crash diets. Reduce inches & weight, burn calories, boost metabolism, detox, lift & tighten for noticeable & lasting results to permanently dissolve & destroy fat cells.

Bum Lift – tone and tighten the bottom to create a perky lifted bottom

Cellulite & Stretch Mark Reduction & Skin Tightening – Dramatically reduce cellulite from the first treatment. Burn calories. Tighten skin. Tone & reduce fat & convert white fat into brown to burn calories.

Hair & Scalp Treatment – to awaken dormant hair follicles for rapid hair growth. Strengthens from the roots and improves condition and elasticity whilst reducing greasiness and removing dandruff.