Environ Skin Analysis Events

We arrange for Environ skin analysis specialists to visit the salon every 2-3 months with their amazing machine to give you detailed analysis on the health of your skin. This is especially helpful in prioritising your skin care journey. Ideally, you’ll have an analysis once or twice a year, so that you can see your progress, and keep focussed in the right direction.

The key thing that makes Environ stand out in comparison to other skin care ranges, is that it keeps progressively making a difference to your skin. It’s not about just maintaining your skin as it is. It’s about measurable and constant results, the longer you use it.

Obviously our own Environ therapists are always able to give you a skin consultation and guide you in your skin care routine. However, there is only so much that the naked eye can see, so this is an invaluable tool.

Phone now to book our next analysis event, as there are limited appointments on the day. It is only a £20 booking fee, which is totally redeemable on the day against any Environ product purchases or service bookings.

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