Our “No Rush” Policy

Most spas allow 5 minutes in your appointment time for you to get undressed and re-dressed before and after your treatment. We give you 15 minutes for the relaxing spa services which allows you time to ground yourself again after your treatment and come back gently into the world. You are welcome to chill out in the Luxe Lounge with a cup of herbal tea afterwards, rather than run straight out into the world again!

Our Spa Services Price Lists can be found here

Levels of Therapist

We offer options on the level of therapist for your pamper. Our ‘beauty therapists’ are fully qualified and have extra internal training, to ensure the quality of our Spa treatments. However, if you need an extra layer of ‘yumminess’ or have a problem that requires more experience, then choose a ‘senior therapist’ for your treat.

Which One?

Think of your skin as a bed with a duvet, mattress and bed frame. Some facials will improve the duvet, making it cleaner and plumper. Others will strengthen the mattress to make sure there are no dips or bumps under the duvet. But sometimes you need to work on the bed frame, otherwise the duvet and mattress will sag and droop!

Book a ‘Luxe Facial Mapping Consultation’ to discuss your skin concerns and lifestyle, so that we can ensure you book the correct facial for you.

Hands On Facials

Quartz Spa

Our Quartz Spa facials are lovely aromatherapy facials, which will help the top layer of the bed – the duvet, so that the skin is nurtured and your are beautifully relaxed. Click here for more information on our Quartz spa facials.

Crystal Clear

Our Crystal Clear facials are still holistic as they use the healing power of crystals, however, they are also extremely effective, combing relaxation with skin healing & rejuvenation. Click here for more information on our Crystal Clear Facials

Electrical Facials

Environ facials

Our Environ facials are stronger using Vitamin A and a Galvanic/Faradic machine and will help the Duvet and mattress – so the effect is deeper and more long lasting. Your skin will look younger, healthier, wrinkles will be improved and any skin problems will be improved or healed. The environ philosophy is to heal the skin from within, thickening and healing it to give a recognisable ‘Environ Glow’. Add the Advanced Nutrition Supplements and Jane Iredale makeup for the full effect of ‘Feed. Fortify. Finish’. click here for more information on our Environ services

Non-Surgical Facelift

The Icon Ultralift Non Surgical Facelifts are similar to Caci as they also use microcurrent, but are more comfortable. The affect the duvet, mattress and bed frame, going deeper into the muscle tone of the face and helps to lift the skin, so these are perfect for deep wrinkles, the lines from the nose to the mouth, lifting eyes, sagging skin and jowls. Combine these with Derma-fillers/anti-wrinkle injections to lift the jowls and cheeks. Or combine with Environ to give a complete anti-ageing solution. Click here for more information on our Icon UltraLift Facials.

Microdermabrasion Facials

The Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion facials are skin resurfacing at it’s finest, giving immediate and extremely fast results. Add the gorgeous Crystal Clear products to continue to look after your skin at home. Click here for more information on ourMicrodermabrasion Facials