General Body Treatments

The difference between the ‘general’ body treatments and the Aromatherapy ones is that they don’t use Aromatherapy oils and they are tailored to the client who is in more of a hurry, just needing their muscles relaxed, and not the more over all relaxing Aromatherapy service.

So a 1/2 treatment will be around 35 mins – approx 25 minute service and enough time to get dressed and pay. Whereas a 30min aromatherapy service would be a 30min service with 15mins to get dressed, relax after the treatment and come back into the world and pay.

Swedish Massage – 1/2hr, 3/4hr, 1hr, 1.5hrs. There’s nothing like a Swedish massage to relieve tired muscles after working hard at work/play.

Stress Buster Massages – 15 mins. We have an amazing chair where you can get deep, but quick 15 min ‘stress buster’ massages, fully clothed. Perfect for our busy lives and making sure that we don’t let that stress take control of our shoulders and backs!

Hot Stone Massage – 30/45/60 min. The healing heat from the stones, along with their powerful ability to work our muscles, makes the hot stone massage a got to be tried experience.