Hair is our passion.

Yes, we know that every other hairdresser says that, but really, for us it is. We love working with you to find ‘the’ cut, colour or style that you want and we won’t rush you into something you’re not totally happy with. Bring us ideas and we’ll talk them through with you – or, if you really don’t know what you want or can’t find the right words – tell us that too, we can help.

We aim to make your hair cut a moment of ‘you’ time – from when you sit down in the chair to the moment you leave. Our gowns won’t pull around your neck (if they do, tell us!), our chairs are comfy, washing stations adjustable and our tea is served in teapots with china cups. If you really can’t take the time to yourself, our wi-fi is free and we have phone chargers too.

Client’s Hair Style

We asked some of our clients what the most important things are when you’re coming to the salon to have your hair cut. Here’s what we do to make your experience that little bit easier for you…

I don’t like busy salons?

For some ladies after chemotherapy, or due to religious reasons, it’s impossible to come to a salon as they don’t want to be seen. Others find the noise of hair dryers and bustle in the salon environment difficult to deal with due to an illness. But we have the perfect solution for you: a private room, perfect for privacy and a little bit of piece and quiet.

I’ve got to be in, and out, on time!

Parking is free and plentiful and we are very careful with our booking systems to ensure that there are no ‘overlaps’ or ‘squashing in’ of clients.

I want the ‘full service’ – not what my hairdresser has been given time for

Our hairdressers are given all the time they need to ensure that your haircut is the best ever. Plus, you can also choose to have a relaxing treatment in our full body shiatsu massage chair, or have a second rinse to remove all those little bits of hair after your cut before ‘finishing’.

I want a weekly blow dry on my terms

We have courses just for you, so that you get the best value for money. You can have the same slot every week, so it’s always at the perfect time for you. Or we have ‘walk-in’ blow dries, where you walk in on the off chance and receive a blow dry from one of the available stylists (can’t be booked).

I’d love to have my hair coloured but I’m worried about it

We have a colour specialists who will talk you through the whole process and help you decide what’s best for you. We’ll also ask you to come in for a patch test first to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the products we use. Our ranges offer a sensitive range, standard colour and luxury option, so there is a choice for all situations.

My hair doesn’t seem to be very healthy

Come and have a free consultation with our stylists, there will be a treatment that can help you.

I want a change but I don’t know what!

Our hair team are creative geniuses! They’ll talk to you about your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes when it comes to a hair cut and about how much time you have to devote to making your hair look gorgeous every day. Whether you can style for an hour in the morning or just want to “wash and go”, we’ll find something that will work for you. Your appointment will be booked for longer than usual to ensure that there is plenty of time to discuss the change and adapt if need be during the service.

My last hair cut was a disaster and I’m scared it will happen again

We won’t let you leave our salon until you are happy with your hair, no tears here. If you get home and find that you should have said yes to a little extra off your fringe, pop in and we’ll sort it for you.

I need a ‘do’ for a wedding/party but want to pay a fair price

We offer all types of up do’s from Quick Braids to full on Up Do’s that will last you 24hrs. Give us a call for our Bridal package; it is really reasonable, just taking into account the practice time and travel required.

Are your products going to make me itch or damage the environment?

We are incredibly careful with the products that we have in the salon and pride ourselves in using the best ranges possible. If there’s a particular ingredient that you know triggers an allergic reaction, talk to us and we’ll check everything for you.

What is the difference between Balayage and Ombre?

Ombre is about going from lighter to darker. So this is where your hair will be made to look as though it is gradually changing colour as it gets longer. (Whereas a ‘dip dye’ has a harder transition line).

Balayage means to ‘sweep’. The colourist will take triangular sections of hair and uses a freehand technique to colour them using a board. Unlike an Ombre, there will still be dark sections lower down on the hair. Think of highlights, that start lower down the hair and a more subtle option than an Ombre.

Why are some of your Hair colour appointments ‘Price on Application’?

To do a colour correction, crazy colour, ombre or balayage service depends very much on the current situation with your hair. So we need to see your hair first before we can estimate how long these will take and what will be involved.

Why are all of your Hair colour prices ‘From’?

So that we can adapt to someone who needs less or more colour, we do need to do a colour consultation and take into account the length and thickness of your hair.