Health & Well Being

We have created a hub for Health and Well Being, provided by ourselves and our partners, to expand how we can help our clients.
We believe passionately that having time out for yourself for a hair, beauty or spa service will help to manage the stresses of every day life. But there are times when we need more help, and that’s where these alternative and complementary therapies come in. All our partners are as passionate as ourselves and we have tried all their services personally (one of the perks of the job!).


Amazing for pain relief, injuries, after strenuous exercise. It can even help with fat reduction, wrinkle reduction and but lifts! (faster, pain free and more flexible areas than other fat freezing machines)!

Far Infrared Treatments

The opposite and perfect complement to Cryotherapy, FIR can be used for pain relief, injuries, chronic illnesses and stress relief.


Do you have something that you are struggling to change in your life? Saleema will help you remove those blocks and change your life. She can help with anything from general blocks to giving up smoking or weight loss.

Healing and Coaching

We offer Reiki, Lifestyle sessions and Breakthrough coaching & healing sessions with Lisa aka ‘The Mummy Whisperer‘.

Nutritional Therapy

We have the lovely Lisa Swabel available to help you with your nutrition plans

And more coming soon!