Semi Permanent Makeup

We are proud to have a Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist, Lacey Rose Lee working with us to offer this aesthetic service. Lacey trained with the world renowned Laura Kay Academy, which specialises in a natural looking result.

Permanent make up, also known as semi permanent make up or cosmetic tattooing means applying coloured pigments into the upper layer of the skin. Perfect for speeding up your daily routine and providing extra definition. It’s simple and painless with long lasting results, so excellent value for money.

Permanent make up enhances your natural appearance; eyes, eyebrows and lips can all be enhanced, we can even add a beauty spot!

There are 2 appointments for the first application and the skin can be slightly red and sometimes swollen but this soon reduces. The intensity of pigment used will look ‘exact’ and a little dark; this softens and lightens after a few days. The results last 2-3 years depending on a number of factors: exposure to UV rays, lifestyle, the rate at which your skin naturally exfoliates and pigment colours selected will all have a bearing on the life of your permanent make up. Often clients return for a top up session after 12-18months.